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All users rules

You must be of 18+ to view this forum
You Are Allowed One Account Only: More than one will lead to all being disabled. IP bans will follow.
The use of coarse language / cursing out of context is prohibited.
Use the report button (at each post) to inform team members of inappropriate posts.
The owners of FC reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

Posters rules

NO Underage material at all (18+ only)
Do not post malware, phishing or any stuff that can harm users.
You GOT to provide a description or screenshots, if you don't your post/thread will be deleted!
Please post in the appropriate section
Posters are allowed to use signature to promote their bloqs and sites. (poster might be asked to verify the ownership for the site at his signature)
Do not post direct urls to other sites, use anonym service for this. or  or  or any other of your desire.
Private bloqs and sites are excluded from the above rule for traffic gaining reasons.
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